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Schmeichel shakes his head at Amrabat easy foul.

Peter Schmeichel the Manchester United‘s legendary goalkeeper criticized Sofiane Amrabat for an unnecessary foul. That led to a goal in the 0-1 home loss to Crystal Palace in the Premier League England last Saturday. The Morocco star started for the second game in a row. After

Arteta quotes Bolt after Kai’s first goal.

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta quoted famous sprinter Usain Bolt as a comparison to Kai Havertz after scoring his first goal for the team. The German striker had to endure a lot of negative criticism from around the world after moving to play at the Emirates

5 lifting methods to reduce the risk of ‘back pain’

Whether sitting in the same position for a long time consecutively exercise injuries excessive body weight And another reason that everyone likes to overlook is heavy lifting and lifting things in an inappropriate position It can result in back pain , which people from various occupations There is a risk of developing this disease

Olive oil, a healthy choice for all ages

Olive oil, a healthy choice for all ages, recommended by everyone. At a time when Thai people still have to see concerning health and safety In the midst of the new wave of COVID-19 outbreaks. People still focus on Come to improve health and stimulate the mind. More protection too In

Leno repeats once again leaving Arsenal to the Fulham.

Bernd Leno the Fulham goalkeeper, pointed out that leaving Arsenal last summer was good for everyone. Because looking to cover the former football club moved forward without being intimidated by him. Personally, I came to watch the pole regularly at Craven Cottage. Leno was a treasure