Rio Ferdinand looks at Haaland rather than a goat to weaken the boat.

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BT Sport analyst Rio Ferdinand has hit back at Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher. Who criticized the forward’s performance for the season. Because of Erling Braut’s arrival. Haaland is not right, but should be responsible for the whole team.

City just lost 1-0 to Spurs in London. Resulting in being unable to push Arsenal down to less than 5 points. Despite the Gunners losing since midday on Saturday.  

One of the scapegoats is Haaland because he once again faced a team in the ‘Big 6’ and was unable to break the net. UFABET Until Carragher looked at the 22-year-old spear as a drag on the effectiveness of Josep Guardio’s team hunt. 

But from a different angle, Ferdinand said his team-mates had to play a part in providing the top scorer with 25 goals more than Sunday’s game.

Rio Ferdinand commented on YouTube channel ‘Five’.

“I saw a lot of people saying Erling made Man City worse.”

“Puzzling how you underestimate a player. Who scored 25 goals for Manchester City in the first half of the season.”

“I can’t seem to agree. Really can’t.”

“One thing that was caught wrongly was that. Haaland’s way of playing had a negative effect on his style. ‘The Blues’ compared to last season or the season before that at No. 9 use Gabriel Jesus, perhaps Ilkay Gundogan, Phil Foden, Rahim Sterling Retracted, Own Creation beyond duty”

“But seriously, Haaland comes in as one of the great additions to pickle. What I would like to suggest to Pep is try to play a video of the team playing. Comparing the case of setting up the first ball to enter. 

“He’s a chance-creator. But sometimes we don’t see through the screen. Therefore, the efficiency of entering the last area must be held by the team. Not just Haaland. 

The Norwegian striker still led the scorer on 25 goals. But was trailed by Harry Kane on eight goals.